Learn to Weave, Sundays, April 8, 15, & 22 from 1:00-3:00PM


Weaving: Learn to Weave with Hazel

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Weave an amazing colorful scarf!

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Learn Rigid Heddle Weaving

In this class we will discuss the basics of weaving on a rigid heddle loom. We will learn a working vocabulary of weaving terms and basic techniques to get started on our first project, a scarf. We will learn about good weaving techniques and how to warp our rigid heddle loom using the direct warp method. We will learn how to do a basic hem stitch to start and finish our projects.  We will also discuss how to wet finish the scarves.

Session 1: Introduction, warping, tying on

Session 2: Hem stitching to start, shuttle winding, weaving tips, weaving

Session 3: Hem stitching to end, Fringe tips, finishing, discussion on wet finishing


At least 2 colors of DK yarn, preferably hand dyed. No more than 3, at least 210 yds of 2 main colors required.  Purchased from TYC.

20 yards of worsted weight scrap yarn from stash

Rigid Heddle loom with at least 8” weaving width

7.5 to 8 dent s per inch heddle

At least one stick shuttle (Second is optional but not required. Used one in sample)

Warping peg


Reed or heddle hook for threading heddle

Tapestry needle (Chibi is a favorite due to the bent tip)

Fork (yep from the kitchen)

Tape measure

Cost:  $70 class fee + supplies purchased at The Yarn Club

Minimum 4 students to make class, maximum 6 students

Looms can be rented from The Yarn Club for the class.  $15 for 10″ or $25.00 for 16″