About Us

Meet Hank, our 90lb. Goldendoodle.  He is super sweet and great with kids or entertaining bored husbands.
Our service is always with a smile.  Our store is brightly lit and features office style chairs around large conference tables.  The shelving is simple and white as not to detract from the glorious yarns.  Our yarns take center stage around the store organized by weight and function.
Help is at the ready. Dropped stitches, questions on your patterns, reassurance and confidence are always available. Just ask Lora, the stitch doctor any time you need assistance.
The Yarn Club is a proud distributor of Ashford Looms and Spinning Wheels.  Our classes feature the portable Sample It 16" Rigid Heddle looms.  Both looms are available to rent for your class.

We stock drop spindles and specialize in fantastic fibers, hand dyed and breathtaking. Let your fingers glide through fibers like Yak, Merino, Silks and Cashmere.