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KnitsyKnits: making Hollywood look fabulous.

Krista Ann is a nomadic knitter ( She travels the US in an RV and takes international excursions as often as she can. Her knitting is always within reach no matter where in the world she ends up.


From the road, she works with costume designers to create pieces for film and TV. Some of her projects include Stranger Things (Netflix), The Mindy Project (Hulu)TAG the movie, Annabelle Comes Home, Never Have I Ever (Netflix), iCarly (Nickelodeon), Hocus Pocus 2 (Disney+), and many other film and commercial projects.



Krista is the owner and creator of the rapidly growing knitting education app, The Knitting Rockstar Academy ( She loves teaching, designing, traveling, and all things fiber related!


Krista Ann will be teaching two fabulous classes while in Virginia Beach and hosting a lecture, Behind the Seams.  Click the photos or title to link to the sign up pages.

Hollywood Finishing: A completed knitted piece is only as good as the tiny finishing details! In this lecture-based class, learn tips and tricks for finishing your pieces flawlessly.  This is Andrea's favorite class where she learned many of her finishing techniques.
Duplicate Stitch is used on EVERYTHING!  Embellish any of your knitted items, add a name to your holiday stocking, brighten up that baby blanket or just add a dash of WOW! to your hat.
Behind the Seams:  Knitting (and sometimes crocheting) for Hollywood sounds like every crafters dream job – and in many ways it can be! But there is a lot that goes on in Hollywood to make movie magic happen. Hear some behind the “seams” stories of creating pieces for the film industry. (This lecture is FREE to anyone enrolled in a Saturday class.)




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