Embrace the Chill Mosaic Knitting Class, Feb 28.


Friday, February 28 and March 9, 10-12.




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“Unraveling the Mystery of Mosaic Knitting.”

Join Rori for a fun and easy colorwork class.  No prior colorwork experience needed.

Use high contrasting shades to create bold graphics or choose muted tones for a more subtle effect. Either way, “Embrace the Chill” is sure to become a favorite statement piece and accessory for the season. Guaranteed to draw attention, the dramatic stitch patterns of “Embrace the Chill” are surprisingly simple to knit, using just one color per row to create stunning results. The I-cord edges provide a professional finish and the optional duplicate stitching highlights your chosen pop of color perfectly!


Download the pattern from Ravelry.  Each student must purchase their own copy before class.

4 colors of fingering weight yarn

color A = 570yds

color B = 264yds

color C = 105yds

color D= 242yds

size 3 and 4 needles and a E crochet hook for cast on.

There is a little bit of homework:

work the first color A section of edge 1.