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Covid Brings Creativity and the Mystery Quarantine Box of Yarn

Knitters, crocheters and weavers are all about creativity!

When the world gets us down, we are very good at finding the bright spot.  That is how the Mystery Quarantine box was invented.  It's a great way to support your local yarn shop and get a deal at the same time.  Each box is hand picked by me, Andrea.  Unless you choose the Treasure Island option, all yarn is top shelf, mostly hand dyed and very colorful.  Whatever option you choose, the retail value exceeds your purchase and shipping, sometimes by 20% or better.  Some boxes may contain patterns, stitch markers, candy, you name it. 

Let's talk Treasure Island!  This is our sale section.  These yarns are typically at 40% off.  They are the Lone Rangers and the skeins that have been with us just a little too long, the last men standing, etc.  Now is your chance to snag them at 50-60% off.  Choose this option from the list and hang on to your knitted hats!  The boxes are so full I have trouble closing them.  The box just keeps on giving.


So here is how it works;  click on the Mystery Quarantine product.

Choose your dollar level and or your yarn weight. ($100 sock)

When you check out, you will see a "notes" section.  Tell me a bit about yourself.  For example, "I like blues and lightweight yarn.  I really don't like pink."  or  "I knit chunky scarves in bright colors."  I take it from there!

It is that easy!

If you are venturing out, choose "in store pick up".  I do not recommend this since we want you all safe and sound.  Don't worry about the shipping fees.  Whichever shipping option you choose, the value of the box will make it free shipping anyway.  So don't worry about it.  Stay home, stay safe.

I have had very happy campers receive their boxes this week.  All great yarns at a discount.  What could be more fun?


Wishing you all the best,